Is it Safe to Breathe?

Think a moment about the next breath you take.  Are you sure there isn’t anything in the air which might damage your health?   Surely, if you look around your environment, you can’t see or smell any gas or fumes that might harm you.  Would you ever consider this to be ‘a leap of faith’?

Or, you’re on your way to work in a car, bus, or train.  You are just about to go over a bridge.  Why do you believe the bridge will hold the car, bus or train on its journey across it?  You would probably say, ‘well, the engineers and building contractors have gone over the specifications before building it to measure how much weight it would hold and how many vehicles could cross at a given moment.  Then the builders would make sure all the iron/steel/concrete were the best quality for these specifications to use.  This is why I believe the bridge is going to hold my car, bus or train on the way to work.  Because I believe in the integrity and character of these engineers, contractors and construction workers in doing the best job they can.

This is what we are talking about and searching to find out. What is faith and what is it used for?  Do we need it in our lives or is it just about religion and Sunday services?  I hope you will be able to use this website to help you make up your own mind.

Safe to Breathe
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